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We make it easy and take the worry away. Fully insured, quick quotes in person or online, dependable scheduling, and a friendly personality!

Debit/Credit cards accepted!

Attention to Detail

The way a yard is mowed is just as important as how often it’s done! The Yard Dude likes the lines to look nice, the edges trimmed, and he uses a leaf blower to finish the job for excellent curb appeal!

Easy Payment Options

You don’t have to be home and you don’t have to worry about mailing a check (unless you’d like to do so!). We will send you an invoice for your lawn service with an easy option to pay online or by phone with a credit/debit card.

Fully Insured Lawn Service

The Yard Dude is fully insured! You won’t have to worry about him mowing down your mailbox or backing into your garage door… but in the rare event something were to happen, he is fully insured to take care of it for you.

About the Yard Dude…

ozark, ar yard mowing

Dawayne George is a musician who needs a tan and and uses yard service as an excuse to keep up his manly physique and get out of the house during the week while he’s not playing gigs.

He grew up in Ozark, AR and is a pretty fun dude to have around. He excels in being extremely picky with mowing yards, providing excellent “dad jokes” whenever possible, and pinpointing the ice cream truck from a mile away.

If you’re looking for someone easy going, dependable, and a guy who won’t make you feel the need to lock your doors a little tighter while he’s there, call the Yard Dude for your lawn care service in the Ozark, AR. 

The Yard Dude is fully insured, so if he “rocks” too hard while he’s at your place, you’re covered. (See what we did there? Dad jokes are on point!) Give us a shout if you’re in the Ozark area and need unbeatable lawn service. 

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